Toronto 2022

June 14, 2022 12 years ago, 6 years ago, and this year. In six years we will need to go again!
July 14, 2022 12 years ago with the Chen Clan, then 10 years ago with Curie, then 6 years ago with Chris Austin, and this year with Erin’s side of the family.
July 15, 2022 Six years ago we went to Centre Island and the kids had an amazing time. We recorded an amazing video of Elia at 2 years old describing it. At the end we said we would go back. It was nice to fulfill the promise.
July 15, 2022 More comparisons from Centre Island

Hidden Oaks Nature Center

More pictures from our trip to the Hidden Oaks Nature Center, Took the nice camera, can you tell? Elia was actually laughing hysterically but we caught this one in action and it is one of our favorites; and we were able to catch Curie looking at her sister with the big sister face. I found some pictures from five years ago to remind us of how fast it is going.
One day they won’t want to wear the same clothes, but today they are so cute. Oh we saw a deer too. Tanpopo and then the Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

Sunflowers 2019

Yes, we paid a lot, but the kids had a great time getting lost in the sunflowers. And yes, they sang the song.

Years ago we went to Burnside Farms to pick tulips under the advice from Emma, they do charge per person and then again for each flower you pick. So we went to pick sunflowers at sunset this year and we paid $10 per person plus $1.50 per flower. We realized (and admittedly we should have realized it sooner) that the fee was really for the right to go take photos rather than admission to pick flowers. Pro-tip Brookside Gardens is free. Continue to see more pictures. Continue reading “Sunflowers 2019”

No Reason Needed to Dress up for Dinner

During the year, the girls like to wear dresses to school, but at camp they wear camp shirts required by the camp. So last night, when we asked what they wanted for dinner, they said that they wanted to put on dresses and eat somewhere fancy – but not too fancy.
We ended up with Erin matching the kids and Albert getting into a sport coat, and soon we were dressed as we were for Julie and Steve‘s wedding rehearsal dinner. At Clyde’s a tipsy pair of women loved the fact that we looked so cute and took our picture; Lo and behold, our family picture of the week.