My Travels in Egypt

January 26, 2021

On this trip, floating on the edge of the Nile
I look in its reflection, and have a sit for a while

I gaze into my eyes, and what is it I see?
It’s nothing, nothing more, than a much younger me.

I look past the wrinkles and that extra layer of fat
My eyes have a crinkle, there is nothing wrong with that

A word to the wise, don’t look for a crease of worry
Simply close your eyes and you’ll find peace in a hurry

Regret and resolve shaken and stirred
Memories dissolved, mistaken and blurred

And the moment once clear, now hazy in the past
An atonement of lost years, an opportunity now dashed

I look past the grey, see myself as I remember
I see past today, ignoring the health of November

And as I ease into the water, sinking deep in de-Nial.
I am a lamb to the slaughter, falling asleep with a smile.