Don’t Call Her Princess

Written June 14, 2020, recorded 1 AM June 15

When you call her a princess, you are making her less,
After all, it’s the governor, not the governess.
Then you may say, “can I call her queen?”
Don’t call her princess, just call her King. 

It is backwards, that she can’t be a knight,
Swinging swords, punching horses, and fighting the good fight.
It’s always lady-in-waiting or a damsel in distress…
Please call her anything, just don’t call her a princess

A teacher is a teacher and a nurse is a nurse
A doctor is a doctor and anything else is perverse
The Mayor is the Mayor and she’s an engineer
The title should be President, and not something worse

It’s sculptor not sculptor-ess, flight attendant not steward-ess
It’s a server or the host, an actor, (not to boast), 
a cook or a chef, a wizard and not a wizardess
Why is one called mister and the other mister-ess. 

Fireman, postman, chairman, garbageman!
Salesman, weatherman, policeman and more…
Horseman, sportsman, seaman, lawman!
Newsman, Frenchman, ENGLISHMAN…don’t take it anymore…

Something’s changing, not for worse, but the better…
Firefighters fight the fire and mail carriers take the letter.
It’s chair and trash collector, sales rep, and officer, because…
Understand she’s no foreman, you’ll just need to call her boss. 

It should be emperor and, pharoah and librarian…
It’s definitely superhero and not super heroine.
You called her a princess, is that still a thing?
Please don’t call her princess, just call her King.

Please don’t call her princess, everyone just sing…
Don’t call her princess, just call her King.
Don’t call her princess, just call her THE KING!