Vacations: Urban Hiking and Food Crawls

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This page could well just be called Vacation and Food, but we thought the Vacations: Urban Hiking and Food Crawls more represented what we do when we go out.

San Diego 2017

Sesame Place 2017

Ottawa 2017

August 2016 Toronto and Niagara Falls Vacation with Chris and His Family

01-CN Tower

September 2015 New Orleans, LA Vacation with Bernard, Agnes, Eleanor and Miranda


June 2015, Best Pho? At least so far


December 2010 New Orleans, LA – Blue Crab


New Orleans, LA – Crawfish

July 2010, Chicago, IL – Food Crawl


January 2015, Cancun, Mexico – Vacation with the Hoaglands


February 2010, New York, NY – Food Crawl


December 2010, New York, NY – Food Crawl 2


Vancouver, BC

Tokyo, Japan

Urban Hiking in Japan: Ramen HuntingCollages1


2012 London and Paris, UK and France



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