Tobacco Runners

June 8, 2007

I don’t even smoke. I like the warm nutty smell of tobacco, but I hate the smell of a smoker after they have been smoking; I find it vile and repulsive, which makes the crowded compartment of the ship I am in even more disgusting.

In the early part of the century states started banning tobacco in public areas, and much like any drug

Like prohibition earlier, the tobacco ban crossed class lines but unlike alcohol, which had been an affectation of the wealthy as well as the yoke of the poor, tobacco had been proven to cause favored the wealthy educated

People make an analogy that this is like prohibition but as bad as alcohol can make people, and despite the liver disease, it didn’t have the direct links to cancer. Maybe the tobacco ban will be repealed but for now it is a quick way to make a buck.

“Get those damn tobacco runners!

Damn, I forgot to mention, we’re smugglers, we run tobacco.

The people I want dead are not the people he wants dead, and that