Life may be suffering

March 17, 2021

LIfe is harder than we are led to believe,
On movies and songs and stories on TV,
We are tricked into the idea of happily ever after,
And as we grow older with our responsibilities,
We open our eyes and what do we see?
A constantly navigating of good amidst disaster.

The world is not easy, not just black and white,
A life more nuanced, mixing wrong with right,
The complexity of life is more than just a game.
In the face of distress, we keep good in sight.
In the face of danger, we fight the good fight.
In the face of suffering, we do it all the same.

Sometimes we wait for the other shoe to drop,
Constantly worrying whether good times will stop,
Living in anxiety, well, something’s gotta give..
Some people find escape in their addictions,
Some people simply live with the afflictions,
Not realizing that there is a better way to live.

Solace and peace can be found in gratitude,
Embracing happiness is a different attitude,
Living life half full is something you have to choose.
You may think positive thinking is just a platitude,
But isn’t it better to want to live life renewed,
Happiness is your choice, so what do you have to lose?

Life is hard, that much we can agree,
Happiness is hard that is plain to see,
But what if we looked instead for “happily ever now?”
Each day we grow older, embracing reality,
Disdainful of optimism, but in actuality,
We should open ourselves to all the hope we can allow.