Morning Quietude

February 27, 2021

I watched the morning sun today,
Before the kids are up, before their play.
The house seems so quiet at the moment,
Before even a single word has been spoken.

The birds aren’t even chirping,
No buzz of bees, no workers working.
There are no cars getting ready for work,
No trucks in the background or other quirks.

The moment of solitude so still and silent,
Before the rain and the change in climate.
In the hush it would be a shame to touch my phone,
And in this quiet there is a sense of alone.

I stay in my bed where I hear nothing,
As I lay, shouldn’t I hear something?
Perhaps it is my ears that need checking,
But I hear my typing so there is no guessing.

Up late last night, now not a peep,
The kids are in bed still fast asleep.
The deafening quiet leaves me floored,
And I will admit to being a little bored.

And so I fidget. wondering what to do,
Think of their sleep trying to be a good parent too.
Then again it’s not like they are babies in their cribs,
Screw it, I am going to wake the kids.

See ya!