A Year in Quarantine

Started March 14, finished March 17, 2021

A year in quarantine,
and what have we seen?
Backyard swimming pools,
heroes and fools,
And an exercise in waning self-esteem.

There is no shame,
of slowly going insane.
As we long for travel,
and struggle to grapple,
That life will no longer be the same,

There are those entitled,
and others in denial,
That makes it hard
for everyone to do their part,
(And, yes, they jeopardize our collective survival.)

The brave still stand,
working with heart and with hand,
So express some gratitude
bury the attitude,
And help those who keep us safe from anything unplanned.

Agreed, it has gone slower,
and no, it is not over,
With luck, most of us
will decide to step up,
And keep fighting with grit and composure.

And we must be cognizant,
of the foolish and the ignorant
Who in their earnest
Do make it worse
With their fear, their hate, and incompetence

A year in quarantine
Waiting for our vaccine
At the end of our rope
Looking at hope
When we can be together and not just seen