Yasmine, on the Verge of Tomorrow

May 20, 2021

Yasmine on the verge of tomorrow,
Ready to take flight and leave behind pain and sorrow,
With the weight of your young years on your shoulders.
There will be days worse than others,
Those days we call and rely upon our mothers,
When even lifting pebbles feels like lifting boulders.

If ever life feels like a disaster,
Remember that one day you will return to laughter,
When suddenly you realize everything is once again okay.
Understand that what you go through,
Every joy and pain actually makes you you,
And being shaped by life is not a boring cliche.

Yes! You are proud, you are powerful!
Taking on the world (and not a fragile flower girl),
Going forth and making your mark on this crazy planet.
But remember it is okay to be vulnerable,
It takes strength to let people in and be comfortable,
For in college you will make friendships stronger than granite.

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Written at the behest of Carrie Couper, Yasmine’s mother who wanted friends from all over to send Yasmine notes of encouragement and joy as she started her journey to college.