The Crocogator

April 8, 2021, Written with Primary Elia input

The crocogator is a pest,
It is not well understood.
It lives in a house, quiet as a mouse,
And would cook by itself if it could.
Its butt is big and fat,
But its head is pretty skinny
It sleeps in mud on its bed,
With sheets from French New Guinea.

It squawks to communicate,
It likes making a farting noise.
It eats fish and birds and bugs,
But don’t try it girls and boys.
When it eats, the bees sting its tongue,
But he loves the giant bugs.
Even though it is a reptile they are cute,
And its babies are actually called cubs.

Instead of carrying them in its mouth,
It carries its babies on its head.
The babies have newborn horns,
But they soon melt away in bed.
They have scales, and feathers, and skin and fur
And they are friends with flamingos
They also have fancy cell phones,
But don’t use them often here in San Domingo.

So if you run into a crocogator,
Yes they can be very scary.
Just leave them alone and don’t bother them,
Even if they are very hairy.
So from San Domingo we say goodnight,
We say goodbye to the crocogator.
Not that other one, not the crocodile,
But still we say see you later.