It is Okay to Let Me Be

March 17, 2021

Time will heal, I heard them say,
What do they know anyway?
I am sad even after all these years.
“Learn to feel, that is the way,”
Bullshitl Please just go away.
You don’t understand all of my fears.

What it is you don’t understand,
Is that sometimes things get out of hand,
And the dark place is the last refuge of hoping.
It is not something I have planned,
Sanity slips like soft flowing sand,
And being in the sad place is my way of coping

And it is okay to let me be sad,
To let me be and let me be mad,
To let me work out each of life’s trials.
There is no need to worry or to nag,
I know I am not life’s punching bag,
I’ll be okay again, just give me awhile,