Summer of 2020 and the Inflatable Fool

July 25, 2020, I am trying to write one that doesn’t have profanity so I can read it to the kids.

Once we went to foreign lands
On planes and ships we made our plans
We traveled when we could and when in the mood,
We visited the sites and ate exotic food

Sushi and soba, okonomiyaki and ramen
Champagne or rose with beurre blanc salmon
Fish and Chips and a London curry
A deep fried beaver tail was never a hurry

Mt. Fuji and Tokyo when in Japan
The Eiffel Tower and the Arc when in France
Buckingham and the Eye when in Great Britain
Even Niagara Falls left us smitten.

Closer to home we’d go on staycations
Escaping messy homes was still a vacation
But all of that has stopped, why, do you ask?
With COVID 19, we must all wear a mask.

With the virus this summer something is different
We stay at home and buy new equipment
The hallmark of 2020 is the inflatable pool
Instead of a beach or a cruise to stay cool.

In backyards we stop and pretend to relax 
With beer guts and dad bods and baseball caps
And we hope our kids will only remember
The fun they had in the 2020 September.

Now even with passports, there is nowhere to go
Even if we wanted to, those countries are closed
And Americans can’t seem to understand,
That we neglected our duty to the world at hand.

We should have been leaders and tamed the pandemic
Instead, we don’t trust doctors or academics
And we are “led” by a cartoon with nuclear codes
We’re a laughing stock, because the emperor has no clothes.