Let time heal

March 17, 2021

You cannot understand someone else’s pain,
Even similar experience is not the same,
At the very best you can listen and empathize.
Sometimes there is nothing to do or say,
But knowing you will be there anyway,
Life is hard that is something we all recognize.

Please don’t tell people things will okay,
Just say “life can be shitty,” is a better way,
Or simply be quiet and be there as a friend.
Send a dinner and not just flowers,
Clean their house, the toilets and the showers,
Helping lessen the strain on their day in the end.

If you are thinking “I don’t know what to do,”
Realize feeling helpless still just about you,
Stop and realize it is about the one you love.
Have faith in whatever you believe,
Let live and give people time to grieve,
And in our strength we will all rise above.