Going for a Walk

February 6, 2021

And when I don’t think I’ll make it,
And through each day I have to fake it,
I am grateful for the kids each day.
And my wife gives me support,
I make her laugh with our good rapport,
And it overcomes the panic and moments of grey.

We go for walks in the woods,
Absorbing nature and all that is good,
But on the walk I have a belly ache.
Is it an icicle in the pit of my stomach?
With stress I feel my good mood plummet,
The feeling of walls closing in is all I can take.

And then the chirp of a chickadee,
And then the flutter a bird, you see,
And all at once, all I can see is the sparrow.
The lap of waves brings me to my senses,
The children’s laughter restores my defenses,
And once again I am on the straight and narrow.