Beat poem 1989

            The  powers  of  humanity  waste  away  in  the pregnant promises of a  better world.  While  the troubles of  pompous fools drifting in a sea of hopeless slumber lift the veil of life only to see  the uncaring of the  mind and the body.   A wonderous trip into the utter waste and the deep  deprivation of the soul, the uncaring child of Adam wreaks upon what  was once a wonderous glory, the depravation of unholy  existance. And still, my friends wonder why it is I cry.

            The selfish torments  of man tears  into his own  hidden meanings and  ask the  promises that  he will  not keep.  the lonliness of being alone  leave only friends to  seek.  Words of  no  meaning  leap  into  the  mind  as the beating of the electronic madness races on.  Words unheard flow through  the mouth unchecked and unhindered by the graces of social  mores till in the end  there is no more.  in the end there  is only death. the demands of the body defeat the demands of the mind in a hopeless battle of futility and design.

            Laughter of  maniacs and  disdain of  simpletons have no meanings  to  the  individual  essence  of  truth.    Blatant judgement becomes the mankind that has no meaning other  than the driven promises of more promises, and still we strive for a concept  so ancient  that it  is begotten  of ancient  sin. hearts search in a sea of agony to find a crutch to serve  as their own leg. oh what folly  to find that there is none  and the legs God has given you are the only ones of that to rely. Searches and searches  of insecurity and  pain self-diagnosis of problems misunderstood by all.  Remedies readily tried in a constant attempt to

            Strange minds  find that  of other  lives.  Love  in the hate of  mankind makes  only confustion.   In such  a hall of mirrrors we pretend  to understand all  that we see  and only becoming what we dread most.  The darkchilde is only the good that we  sill do  not accept.   Agony of  man lives  in every breath of madness that we  inflict on the world unknowing  of the  uncaring  that  is  only  viewed  through  rose  colored glasses.  Tears of madness, tears of madness.  Insanity of  a world gone insane.

            lessons in understanding only  exist in what is  already in  the  mind  and  the  soul  the; truths so hidden only are unveailded by the acceptandce of the soul and the true dealin with it is  the mind and  the soul’s dilemma.what  was once a sea of love had turned to  a desert of hate and the  keyboard of literature plays on . tears tears tears. cry world cry and witness the  agony of  your own  pain. see  the suffering you have brought on yourself and cry . let all the lonliness  and depression  corrupt  the  false  security  and waste away the sandstone  foundations  of  what  seems  the  be a gesture of satisfacition. see  yourselves in  the mirrores  of Lune  and understand that  you are  only what  you are.  then stop  the crying.

            Havoc. what path doth the chosen take? Arrogant. Rewards to deeds undone and sins unrepented agony is in the mind. agony makes us cry. cry. cry in agony writhe in your mind and do deeds unrewarded and repent sins undone. Sin has come to Eden and death hath come to man. for we are our own cardinal sin and the unknowing live in a life: a fate worse than death, for there are those who die by living and others who live by dying. I love you all and yet I cry. What purity of morals if the world be sullied than that of a constantreminder to the filth that the purity still exists.  I am losing coherency. I am losing my grip over my tired body and sloly drift into pleasant slumber only to wake up an instant later anfind that all has passed in time unknown.