Overwhelmed and Angry

4 AM. July 14, 2020
Warning! Parental Advisory: Profanity, Explicit Lyrics, Political Innuendo

Overwhelmed and Angry, Recorded July 17, 2020 Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics, Political Innuendo I apologize for my rapping.

I can’t sleep,
Life feels a little too cheap
There’s no way I can get some rest
Thinking too much makes me depressed
It’ll be a while, until we are okay
So listen listen listen to what i have to say

On the back of Hump a dump
Our dollas took a jump, then slumped
All the death takes a chunk of our soul
It’s sad but average voter is a chump and a mole
Sip from a flask drink from the cask
If you’re going outside, wear your damned mask
We’re going to want, to take the swamp to task 
We’re going to need, to stop letting the Elephant fuck the Ass

Get out, get out, get out and take a stand
Don’t back down from your true heart’s demands
Anarchists and cowards, fuck, they be damned
Think we’re great again, well sorry, you got scammed 
God don’t suffer no fools
It’s not about bling, or cash or jewels
Don’t let greed take your soul away
Don’t become a politician’s juicy parfait

Don’t be cruel or a tool 
Don’t just follow and be a fool
Don’t just listen or cave to the haters
If you only watch the news
You’re not paying attention to the data
Pick up a stick, don’t be a prick 
be an alpha not a beta, don’t be humanity’s trait-a
If you gonna give up, then shit, it’s, see ya later.

So sip from a flask, drink from the cask
If you’re going outside wear your g-damned mask
Get out and vote, and take the swamp to task 
Let’s make a difference, and fuck the Elephant in the ass.