Disappointed in Society

April 6, 2021

It used to be when I would contemplate,
The explanation behind people’s hate,
I used to give people the benefit of the doubt,
Not understanding all the ins or all the outs,
And attribute it to a failure to communicate.

But then you discover that is not it at all,
That people have fear and bile and vitriol.
Instead of being misunderstood,
People may not have a center of good,
And perhaps hate is not new but simply banal.

No matter how somethings are obvious,
As a society there will always be one of us.
Who argues for the sake of argument,
Uncaring of others’ pain and lament,
And whose selfish self-centeredness serves none of us.

We don’t need those who are self-righteous,
Worry about change is often its own virus.
Fear of something new,
Inconvenient to a few,
Leads to a mindset that is often mindless.

Being scared is a common reaction,
But it doesn’t mean we should organize into factions.
People have no shame,
Always looking for someone else to blame,
And never taking responsibility for their actions.