Children’s Lullaby

Here is the song with both girls
Here it is with Albert by himself

Curiebear’s got a lot of hair
It sticks way up into the air
But if you make a little frown,
All her hair comes tumbling down.

Curiebear’s in her jumperchair
It doesn’t really go anywhere
But if you make a little sound,
Curiebear jumps up and down.

Eliacub’s got a lotta love,
She plays with bubbles in the tub
And when she goes to bed,
She pulls the blanket over her head.

Eliacub’s tucked away all snug,
She’s like a bug in a rug.
But when her sister comes to play,
Elia gets up anyway.

Elia gives away squishy hugs
Curie’s are so nice and snug
They go away awhile and then
They come running to your arms again

Cmaj7sus G

G     C

D F E Cmaj7sus

G     C

See an earlier version here.