Miscelleneous dates leading up to Curie’s birth

2009 Erin stops the pill

1/1/2010 Albert and Erin stop trying to not have a baby, Erin starts prenatals

Erin buys a two pack of pregnancy tests, uses one but is not pregnant

Last period 12/23/2010

1/18/11 Erin is moody off cycle, Albert suspects pregnancy, Erin is pregnant we don’t tell anyone

2/8/11 We pick Eric and Taylor’s choice of an OB/GYN practice since they had done the research already, first sonogram

2/16/11 Went back for a blood screening and a second sonogram, blood test comes back without problems 1 in 10,000 for  a Down’s syndrome baby

3/11/11 Went to Dr. McClaren for a detailed sonogram, we could already see hands, feet and fingers, very excited

9/9/11 Low amniotic fluid, sent to hospital, induced. 15 hours of labor, very pleasant, Erin wants credit for contractions, epidural, we wait for 9/10/11, full term 37 weeks, Nurse Caitlin plan was healthy mom and baby girl, tried playing Mario Kart, Erin reads Fall of the Giants to take her mind off of things, squeezing Erin’s hand helped with contractions, we did not have a bag or camera which the Hoaglands jokes about, actually we had the back up camera, but Albert goes home and packs a disorganized bag and brings the camera. We bring the massager but never use it. The pull out chair is actually very comfortable.

9/10/11 Baby is stressed, c-section, Curie HuangZhao Chen is born 3:30 AM 4 pounds 6 ounces 7 grams, NICU for low birth weight, Jim and Brenda drive down to see us, Jen is our first nurse at the NICU, Jim is fantastic and shows us how he takes care of her, Erin sees Curie and begins breast feeding colostrum. Julie and Steve fly down to see us.

9/11/11 The Hoaglands visit.


10/7/2011 Curie starts grasping at things

10/9/2011 Curie starts tracking visually, turns over by herself when very angry


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