Sadly, little friends with a little “f”

April 7, 2021 Disclaimer, if you and I have not already talked about this, then this is not you.

If you frustrate me so much it brings tears to my eyes,
You bring too much negative energy that it’s time to excise.
Before you become someone I simply despise,
The time has come to take you out of my life.

You have no self-awareness, you are constantly in denial,
You convince yourself you are right, with no fear of reprisal.
I see it in your relationships, you are in a bad cycle,
Your arrogance is the problem, you are simply entitled.

What makes it worse is you can’t even see it,
You are defensive to a fault and can’t perceive it.
You claim no wrong and actually believe it,
No one is without fault, you can’t even conceive of it.

To ghost you would be unfair, so I write you this note,
As your friend I encourage you to reflect and emote.
You can’t be on the journey, if the path is not close,
You are welcome to return, I will join you, I hope.

So it’s time to say goodbye, I say “smell you later,”
One day we can say hello, perhaps in an elevator.
We need to surround ourselves with people who make us better,
It’s time for a break, before the friendship becomes severed.