And how about this?

March 17, 2021

I am told that in this modern time
That it is passe for my poems to rhyme
And perhaps I should take my marbles and just go home
Maybe it would be more appropriate
If I just drank and had a few opiates
To vent my frustrations and throw out this metered tome

I should find an addled extravaganza
So that I can abandon all verse and stanza
And fill my mind with an altered state of consciousness
Stamp on my work in this new climate?
I’ll punch you in the neck of you try it
I can’t be bothered to care I refuse to remain anonymous

Perhaps it would please the reader
If I got rid of my rhythm and meter
And find a whole new level of pretentious writing
So I throw my hands into the air
Okay, free verse everywhere!

Bombastic, irrelevant, showy