April 4, 2021

I fear that I give off the wrong impression,
That I have rage I try to keep from aggression,
Bottling it up with all my transgressions,
And I cry for help in my self-expression.
Why we are here may be the right question,
I think I forgot to learn life’s first lesson:

That no matter how my words get cynical,
Consciousness itself is its own miracle.
Love and hope are life’s unique pinnacle,
Just listen to laughter to find the empirical.
To forget about should not be unforgivable,
But to acknowledge it is unequivocal.

And so it is time to wipe away the attitude,
To take some time and express our gratitude.
With life so crazy it’s easy to become unglued,
To worry and mope and sulk and brood.
Let us remember life is not some verisimilitude,
Let us appreciate love in all its magnitude.