May 19, 2022

I am haunted by the memories of yesterday;
I despair over what might have been;
And as the world churns up my anger into rage;
I find myself hopelessly lost again.

I remember sensing how close you were to me,
As you sat next to me upon the sand;
Not yet touching but feeling your presence,
Never wanting the moment to end.

Then you turned and laughed as you talked to me,
And a silence fell over everything.
In a blink of an eye, the moment lasts forever,
Connected to you by an invisible string.

Though time has a tendency to cleanse away the days,
And with cruelty it bleaches and fades.
That one moment of you is fixed in my memory,
Even as all the rest washes away.

And would it be so much to want to go back to then?
This memory of a long lost friend?
Instead the loneliness stretches on so endlessly;
Into this quiet night without end.