Thank you, its okay

March 9, 2021

I am grateful to finally rest,
To say otherwise would not be true.
There have been times where life would test.
But thankful to have spent it with you.

Buddhists say life is suffering,
It is enough to drive you mad.
To have shared it with you has been comforting,
I am only saddened that you are sad,

And as I walk along this elegy,
I find peace along the way.
To have had life has been an opportunity.
With my gratitude on full display.

Shed a tear for just today,
Shed the gloom after tomorrow.
Celebrate the memories for goodness sake,
Cherish the good and not the sorrow.

And as I take my leave,
There is one thing I must do,
To remind you, I love you with all my heart,
And a part of me will always be with you.