Friendship Years Later

March 20, 2021

With all our time on the phone,
I was never alone,
Knowing you were just a call away.
Days when I was lost,
My anxiety you’d quash,
To say thank you would not be cliche.

Back in our youth,
I knew at least one truth,
That Friendship is with a capital “F.”
This notion sublime,
Which bridges space and time,
It is with this kismet that we are blessed.

My own uncertainty,
That lack of maturity,
All of that need stay in the past.
In this, our reality,
I am sure you’d agree,
That Friendship is best saved for last.

Other things may perish,
So Friendship we must cherish,
For there are few things that can endure,
The world may go insane,
We stay responsible, just the same,
How we do it, we’ll never know for sure.

Never far from my mind,
Carefree days left behind,
These days we manage just one thing or two,
With no opportunity to convey it
Too often we forget to say it,
Just remember, I believe in you.