Love Lives in the Heart

February 14, 2021

I remember when we first met,
There was electricity all around us.
It was like people parted in front of you,
And in my ears the world became soundless.
I remember when you first smiled at me,
That very first look, that first glance.
I remember thinking to myself,
“Boy, you don’t have half a chance.”

And then there was this new emptiness,
Whenever we were apart.
I’d never known such loneliness,
Never knowing it could break my heart.

But you didn’t let me go,
You took charge and took a stand.
You let words ramble out of my mouth,
And still let me hold your hand.
And you gave me that first touch,
And (much later) that very first kiss.
Life all of the sudden had clarity,
And I understood what I had missed.

And then there was the emptiness.
When we’d broken up, and we were apart.
I’d finally understood loneliness,
That missing you would break my heart.

Late at night I will remember,
As an age passes me by.
Remembering my life’s first love,
Facing the sorrow and breathing a sigh.
Much of it fades into my memory,
Even that first touch and that first kiss.
The details aren’t so clear anymore,
As the moments disappear into the mist.

But I’ve never lost that emptiness,
It’s been years since we’ve been apart.
A little piece remembers the loneliness,
And remembers the broken heart.

I smile and soak in the emptiness,
In the end we are never apart.
I hope you will forgive all the messiness,
And let love live in the heart.