Brookside Gardens 2019 Part One and Two!

We let the girls wear their Easter dresses early to go see the tulips at Brookside Gardens. We were too early for the tulips, but we had a beautiful time anyway. We started the day sending in our taxes, getting Albert’s hair cut, having ramen at Kizuna’s, going to the gardens, having Rita’s, getting our wipers replaced, and then going to a kaiten hotpot place (no joke!).

The cherry blossoms were in bloom, and we took the wagon, though the girls spent most of the time running.

Curie was more willing to get her picture taken.

But Elia would forget we were taking pictures and let us take them too. 

The girls in motion.

Family pictures.

A hodgepodge of Kizuna’s for Ramen, Rita’s, the girls waiting for Albert to get his hair cut. And Curie with her ice cream cone hash tag.

Cherry blossoms, purple magnolias, and a Canada goose that came too close to our heads.

Flowers in bloom.

And the most amazing all-you-can-eat kaiten/hot pot place. Think Kura and 99c combined! There was a 1 to 2 hour wait so we bought snacks at Safeway and hung out until it was time to eat. Each girl got to cook in their own hot pot for the first time.
For Spring Break the first day was to go back to Brookside Gardens where the tulips were in bloom this time. We went back to Urban Hot Pot and Kyodai Sushi, two conveyor belts, very different foods.
We all wore black this time and Curie is dressed in her ballet tunic. She spent her time dancing and modeling. I guess that is what happens when you take a picture of the kids every day.
Elia is wearing her Audrey Hepburn dress. She didn’t want to get out of the wagon because she was afraid of bees, she also took a nap. Oh and the first picture is her covered in postage stickers.
Tulips in bloom.
The other flowers.