November 2020

Written November 13, 2020

You wish he was just a puppet
Not a wannabe banana republic 
And have the dignity to just go away
Would we just have the luck on it 
That he hasn’t kicked the bucket 
And we are at a loss at what to say

Weren’t we supposed to protect with musket
Instead of just saying “f*ck-it” 
About any tyrant that reared its ugly head?
As his fortunes start to plummet,
The other side starts to trumpet
That soon we can put this monster to bed

Why without any proprietary,
Does he instill such anxiety,
And so many people believe what he says
I feel with great sobriety, 
With this is a crumbling of society,
That we are due for a clean reset.

So this charlatan, this idiot stinker, 
This con man, this second stringer, 
About our country he doesn’t care
Still, he seems to linger, 
This little man with the little fingers, 
And the comb-over Cheetos orange hair

We know he is narcissistic, 
As we can see him try to mimic, 
The strongmen in their dictatorships
We know that it is intrinsic, 
Repetitive, sad and sadistic 
As he continues to ply his pile of sh!t

And half of us still trust the twit
And half of us still believe in it. 
It is no time for our country to be split
I hope that soon we’ll get over it