Get a Grip, They are Counting on You

August 6, 2020, Poetry written just after midnight, less depressive, more hopeful (2 of 3)

I let sadness comfort the soul
Held close but never whole
A repaired vase with fine lined scars.
And when madness begins to take control
And depression serves a special role
To keep me whole and ever on guard

Who knew life would have to be this hard

I make them laugh, a weeping clown
A few I frighten with fleeting frowns
Every ready to be the life of the party
Put on the smile, be the talk of the town
Have no clothes, but wear the crown
And be in control, even if only partly 

Write “life is suffering” on your hand with permanent sharpie

And though life can appear to be bleak
And you can’t find the things you seek
It is important to find the silver lining
In cries you hear them speak
Words of need, upon their cheek
It is something that bears reminding

It is for their lives that we are fighting. 

Whether you play with their jump rope
Or show them the sky with telescope
A reason to laugh and love and pray
In their laughs you learn to cope
In their eyes you find your hope 
And find a way to live another day

Knowing that parenthood keeps the dark at bay