February 21, 2021

“Practice gratitude, it’s not hard to do,”
“Have a little perspective, it’s not about you.”
“Step away from being righteous even if you are right,”

With just a little politeness you can avoid many fights.

“Do unto others as you would onto you,”
There are many cultures, let others choose,
How they carry on, and how they go about their day,
Before your time is gone, learn to find your own way.

“Live your best life,” “believe what you believe,”
“Stay clear from strife,” “life does not have guarantees.”
“You don’t have to forget but you should try to forgive,”
“Polish your soul,” “don’t worry about how others live.”

“Rules and laws exist for orderly society,”
Abuse of just cause, leads to impropriety.
“Know what you should follow and how to behave,”
But if it should ring hollow do not just obey.

“Honesty is the best policy,” “Live and let live,”
“Our thoughts and prayers are with you,” “it is what it is.”
“Tomorrow is another day,” “everything happens for a reason,”
“Every cloud has a silver lining” “To everything there is a season.”

“Don’t rock the boat,” the “man” will insist,
“Just rock the vote,” and learn to resist.
Don’t just “turn the other cheek,” and be oppressed by old white men,
“The earth is inherited by the meek” – only when the powerful let them.