The Tail of Two Cats

March 19, 2021 written by Elia Chen with help from Albert Chen

Harry Cat’s not a scaredy cat,
But he does have a lot of hair,
Scary Cat is not a hairy cat,
But doesn’t ever seem to be scared.

Harry Cat wears a top hat,
Feels fat when getting the mail,
Scary Cat is a little flat,
And doesn’t seem to have a tail.

Harry Cat chases the rats,
And always wears a bow tie
Scary Cat sleeps on the mat,
And brushes away the flies

Harry Cat with a splat,
Tries to paint with his whiskers
Scary Cat tired of combat,
Tries to take care of her blisters

One day Harry Cat went into the past,
To try and save Scary Cat.
On that day Scary Cat was at last,
Able to avoid being smashed.