Love Letter

March, 8, 2021

I am sorry I cannot always walk with you on your journey,
Along the path, one must sometimes walk alone.
And on the way, we are grateful for the company,
Even as we travel far from home.

If I can’t be there to walk with you on your adventure,
At least you should know that I wanted to.
To see you grow has been such a treasure,
To see your courage and your fortitude.

The path you take will not be easy,
The path requires courage and strength.
This path we take requires the company friends,
And will take you places that you did not intend.

The destination is not important,
The destination is not the point.
The destination is but a direction to follow,
I have faith you will find each tomorrow.

The journey itself is the point of life,
The journey says “I will continue to learn.”
The journey is about a hundred beginnings,
Discovering yourself and finding life’s meaning.

I am grateful for the time we pass together,
As if there was kismet that touched our souls.
There are memories to cherish forever,
And moments that have made us whole.

I am sorry I cannot stay with you to the journey’s end,
At some point it will be as far as I can go.
I am, honored to have been your father and your friend,
And love you more than you will ever know.