Reflection 330 Days Out

April 3, 2021

Some are good, some are bad,
Some made me laugh, others made me sad;
I began to write almost one year ago,
In that year I’ve written about eighty or so,
And in the next month if I write another twenty,
I will have written a hundred, which (in the end) is really quite plenty.

A year ago, I was more a short story writer,
Churning a few ten pagers during infrequent all-nighters.
Poetry was something that I didn’t understand,
Poetry was something I dismissed out of hand.
All that rhyming was a riddle that seemed to be hidden,
I have two left feet so how would I manage to find rhythm.

But 2020 had its own story to tell,
Each raw incident was its own special hell.
Trump and COVID were just the start of it,
The hate from the people, that is the real shit.
And with work and worry and life and reality,
Stress and frustration, the strife and anxiety…

Something had to happen, something had to give,
We needed for each day, another reason to live.
Some people turned to baking, trying to tame their own beast.
To try to stop the aching, they’d go scrambling for the yeast.
Others found escape by watching their movies and their shows,
Still others did less productive things before soon coming to blows.

And for me, all reason is found in family,
A hug and a laugh keeps me from insanity.
But feeding your soul takes a little more discovery,
A little quiet each day for mental recovery.
And in the silence I would find the time wanting,
Putting thoughts to words was at first a little daunting.

A funny song here a limerick rhyme there,
Soon I had written something for me to share.
Each poem I’d write, Chris would give me a compliment,
And as I wrote, I felt a sense of accomplishment.
It may be that I am a just a poet wannabe,
And what I write is just a bit of mediocrity.

But in the end, this helped me get through all of it,
Even if only a few of my friends actually got into it.
It turns out poetry is not easy to appreciate,
It has a tendency to offend and easily alienate,
So to the two or three people, who actually read all of this,
I thank you from my heart, and to you God bless.