Embrace Your Inner Me

April 5, 2021

You may have gotten to know the outer me,
And even enjoyed our time and company.
So it may come to you as a bit of a shock,
That a whole other me also lives on this block,
And you will have to contend with him eventually.

Id should come as no surprise,
That my ego has a super-ego disguise.
In my head I am in costume,
Saving people with my nom de plume,
And understand all the inadequacy that implies.

Why not wear a cape with a safety pin?
And tap that inner child within?
If we could all still be five,
We wouldn’t work so hard to feel alive,
And being someone that matters would just be a given.

So why can’t we let go of rage and hate,
Avoid embracing your inner reprobate.
Look through your eyes as a child,
Embrace your youth, your fun and your wild,
And work on just feeling great.

So if it is the outside you get to see,
You may miss why I am so happy.
Instead of amassing even more wealth,
Rediscover your inner self,
And realize that everyone has another “me.”