Wear the Goddamned Mask

July 25, 2020, Parental Advisory, Profanity, Explicit Lyrics and Angry Disdain

Why is it in America that we are such asses
It exceeds race and age and the social classes
We are not all narcissistic, without honor or creed
Most of the time it is simple, it’s about fear and greed 

Only in America can facts be disputed
Everywhere else, science is reputed
It’s no wonder we are considered ignorant rubes
We ignore common sense and behave like fools

It is in American culture to be contrarians
To ignore intellectuals, because we can be embarrassed around them
And so we end up with stupid opinions and views
Ignoring facts we don’t agree with and calling it fake news.

The right to bear arms was to defy any tyranny,
But like sheep, the masses don’t seem to recognize any
Even when they blatantly take away our rights
We posture and complain and and fight the wrong fight

Even if we were told to help the common good, 
You know we’d rebel just because we could
If we were being bombed and they said “everyone, turn out the lights!”
We’d say “no way, leaving mine on is my right.”

If this was a bad movie we’d be the idiot ignoramus
Who ignored the warning and got a snake up our anus
Even the coward, would be able to make alliances
While we gratifyingly get killed for ignoring the scientists. 

Science tells us to wash our hands after the toilet
Don’t drink sewer water, unless you can boil it. 
But in America, just because some people don’t agree with it 
We’re the righteous idiots who insist on eating shit.

Wear the goddamned mask.