Holding on to Despair

1 of 2 in the Bipolar Duo of Songs, July 12, 2020

We were bred to be smart
With the fire in our hearts
The passion that drives our souls
Moving us closer to our goals

We are taught that love stops hate
That to give up is a worser fate
We’re to rise to make things right
We need to fight the bigger fight

You raise us to be strong,
You raise us to do no wrong
You raise us just to try
But we’re just another generation left to die

And we fight to win this war
Every step to a cracked and broken door
And we fight so we can live
Even if there’s nothing left to give. 

And everywhere we go
What we do and do not know
We need to work to make it through
And we don’t know what to do

We were raised to be strong
To understand the right from wrong
And no matter how much we try
We’re still another generation left to die

We’ll try again to be strong
Even if we know its still wrong
And with a dying breath we still try
Only to discover that it’s all a lie

We’re just another generation bred to die