Writing Warm-up November 13, 2020

Curie said “I’ve had a lot of chocolate 
and I can’t think of a topic”
And Erin said, “I think my pants are too tight”
And I said, “anything that seems to rhyme
Will go into each new line
Of this poem that we will write.”

And Elia started squealing
With anger and heartfelt feelings
Wondering why no one could understand her
And Curie kept on chatting 
About electric unicorns prattling
And didn’t realize that robot dogs don’t have fur

Our poems predict the future
And soon Garrett smooched her
With visions of hearts and diamonds
It’s time for the kids to go to bed
With sugar crash and the kids have fled
Upstairs with tears and crying.

And now I am all alone
With this computer and my phone
Pondering if I should go to sleep 
I think I will go upstairs
With hugs and feelings and cares
And help the kids count their sheep