Self-talk and Bootstraps

August 6, 2020 A more light-hearted take on the same topic (3 of 3)

It can be no surprise
If you find yourself paralyzed 
And drowning in inches of water
This doesn’t have to be your fate
If you could simply stand and escape
Heck, you could even just roll over

But when sadness gets you down
It’s so easy to just drown
In self-pity and self-wallow
It’s self-indulgent, to just let go
Self-centered and selfish don’t you know
And all your excuses ring hollow

Are you a damsel in distress?
Why do you think that you are less?
Go ahead, give your face a slap.
Better attitude goes a long way
Step-by-step and day-by-day,
Anything else is a load of crap.

Pick yourself up by your own boot straps.