What if the News Gets Boring

April 4, 2021

Please forgive me if I happen to choose,
Not to sit down and watch the news,
For four years of crazy TV,
Has given me PTSD,
And neither newscasters nor politicians ever have a clue.

Someone said it is getting boring,
I said “great! Let’s commence the snoring!”
I don’t want every day to be,
Yet another calamity,
And a little calm would actually be quite restoring.

And yet it turns out it won’t be that easy,
As the world tries to return to normalcy,
We don’t seem to remember,
The old order wasn’t that much better,
And some change would be good if done purposefully.

And perhaps it is okay to begin to peruse,
NPR, social media, and even interviews,
And hopefully it is okay to disagree,
The ever-present hate and the persistent crazy,
And augment our intake with a healthy amount of booze.