2021-22 School Year Fall

August 23, 2021 Fifth and second grade. I know a lot of parents are posting about how excited they are to have their kids back at regular school. We are not those parents. I am not going to lie, I really miss them, I liked having them with us the whole time. 527 days of amazing togetherness. And I know this is right, and I know they will be okay. Going to open house did allay some fears for us seeing their preparations. So it is the right thing to do. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss the kids though. Today will be a hard day for us, the parents.

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Father’s Day 2021

On the left pictures of the watch (near as I can remember) and fountain pen my father used when I was young. On the right pictures of the watch I wear (mine is a copy) and my first fountain pen I picked out for Suephy’s wedding. It is a reminder to me about how much of an influence my father has been and is still on me. Happy Father’s Day Papa!

COVID Year 2

March 13, 2021 Our year started on March 6 when Erin hurt her leg. Thank goodness that she was able to recover from that. But since then we have been at home and managing like everyone else. This is us in our backyard today – grateful for what we have and trying to do our part. In this year, we have cooked every meal at home not been in a store except for our flu shot, written over 70 songs and poems and counting (20 songs, 50 poems), been birding, and worked at staying more than living, but being alive. Be safe everyone, but more, take care of yourselves and each other, even if that means just checking in to see if each other are okay.

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COVID Christmas By curie

Bonnie and her cat Whiskers were helping Bonnie’s Mom and Dad set up for Christmas and Bonnie’s mom  said” It’s time to put the ornaments up” after they put up the ornaments Bonnie says “What if  Santa has the virus?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And Bonnie’s mom says “Oh no what if he does I don’t want him in our house’’and then the dad says “I have a solution we should write a letter to Santa”.

So they decided to write a letter to Santa so they all sat down with the tools and started to write this is what they wrote.Santa please don’t come into our house if you have the virus and if you do then please put the presents outside the door. They put the letter on the chimney.

On Christmas Eve when Santa came he saw the letter and respected their wishes so he put the presents outside the garage and on Christmas day Bonnie woke up and woke up her father and they went outside with Whiskers and found the presents.

The end