Crafting July 2020

July 11-12, 2020 This is the product of buying googly eyes, pipe cleaners, construction paper and clothes pins. And what you notice is this: age makes you think inside the box. The dragonfly is Albert’s and very cute, but very… predictable. Look at Elia and Curie’s work when imagination has not yet been reined in by society. Albert did weave the dustpan that Elia asked for help with to match Curie’s broom, but the rest? A bottle family by Elia, her foot staring at us, Curie’s Christmas tree and the sheet of a thousand eyes? Clearly they see better than we do with their imaginations.

Elia’s Painting

May 28, 2020 Sometimes you see modern art where you say a six year old could do that, what happens when your six year old does something that you don’t think you can do? Oh yes that is an Anker box.

Chengineering May 2020

May 16, 2020 Chengineering with Duplo
May 25, 2020 Time between Elia and Albert today meant more Chengineering. Megablox and Kapla. For those of you who don’t know what Kapla is, (it is not a “good day to die” in Klingon), they are identically cut blocks that you can make crazy things out of if you work out the physics. If you recall when Curie was little there is a picture of a Kapla tower taller than she was, now we have one taller than Elia. The bridge was much harder though and Elia did learn some of the physics around it.


Topic: Zen. This is a year old, something I don’t think I posted. The left is a Fujifilm picture that fell perfectly in the joint in the hardwood and stuck upright, the second is our Solo Stove Bonfire, the third is balancing rocks at the Mosaic district. What calms you?

CurieBear and EliaCub Lullaby

April 5, 2020 We record the CurieBear and EliaCub Lullaby. A little history, we wrote CurieBear when Curie was a baby and you can still find the version with the video on our website. When Elia was born we had intended on writing her own, but we didn’t and Elia learned the CurieBear song. A year ago we wrote the last three verses and gave Elia her own part. This is the first time we recoreded it. I tested this earlier so it should work if you click on it:

You can find the lyrics and recording here:

Children’s Lullaby

This time of craziness

New addition March 19. After hearing someone do it on NPR I wrote my hairdresser on Facebook and offered to pay for 5 haircuts in advance. Erin fainted yesterday and really scared me, we think it is because she was dehydrated – she has a broken knee. I’ve been the caretaker and that is okay but I am grateful that Reggie made an effort to give me some space to recover a little. 

March 12? Here are two stories during the strangeness that is our new normal. Continue reading “This time of craziness”