Withstand With Us

July 27, 2020 Get out and vote

So rhyme with me
Chime with me
Find the rhythm and speak in time with me

Match beats with me,
Be at peace with me,
Find your inner voice and get out on the streets with me. 

March along and come to our senses
Fight with me and topple their defenses
Make a difference and take a stand
Be strong with me, consequences be damned.

You know that this is that moment in history 
To decide to speak out, or shut up in misery.
This is where we stand, band together and fight
This is where we land, lend a hand, and do what’s right.

Get out, make a difference, don’t hide or flee
Get out, I say this with candor and transparency
It’s time to come together and find a reprieve
It’s time to speak out in what you believe

So rhyme with me,
Chime with me, 
Do the crime and do time with me.

Sing with us
Sting with us
Be strong and Martin Luther King with us

One day more, we look toward destiny
When the people sing, we join them with empathy
If this is Butch Cassidy, the Alamo, or the Masada
Even if we are in the typhoon that beat the Spanish Armada.

In the end, we’ll have to remember
The change we want, it happens in November
If you protest vote, or write in a candidate
You are as much responsible of who will win or lose it.

If you stay on the sidelines, you’ll be met with enmity,
With or against us, you have to decide you see.
By staying home, or not voting for the Presidency
You are as much to blame as if you were the enemy.

So rhyme with me,
Chime with me, 
Come along and be sublime with me

Band with us
Stand with us
Go out and vote and Withstand with us.