Valet parking is available all day for $10 at the Sheraton Commander Hotel, located at 16 Garden Street in Cambridge, for all wedding guests. Park there anytime on Saturday, November 3rd and reference the Stewart-Chen wedding.

From the hotel, it is a relatively short walk (5-10 min) to The Memorial Church at Harvard Yard. We’ve included a map in the invitations, but here are brief walking directions and a link to a map of Harvard Yard:

When you walk out the front entrance of the Sheraton Commander (or their valet parking lot), turn right and follow the sidewalk so that you are walking along the right-hand side of Garden Street. When you reach the intersection of Garden St. and Mass Ave, cross Mass Ave so that you are facing the gates of Harvard Yard. Enter the Yard through the Pleasant St. entrance, and follow the walkway to The Memorial Church (you may want to reference this map of Harvard Yard). Follow the walkway until you hit the University building, then turn left and walk clockwise around the building. You should see the Church at 1 o’clock, right behind the Thayer building.

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