Preparing for Hope

February 7, 2021

Before COVID we lived in impunity,
Never worrying about health or immunity,
Much like a teen is as invincible as any superhero.
As we learn that God can bleed in this reality,
And like a heart attack survivor facing mortality,
As a society we must balance our humor and ego.

Maybe masks every winter to face the flu,
Maybe masks on airplanes and buses too,
Even after the pandemic passes.
Maybe we’ve only dropped one shoe,
And each day we will face something new.
And histeria will be normal to the masses.

Some people, some in the rank and file.
Are called out for their stark denial,
And can’t believe that the world has changed.
And though it’s not just the anti-maskers,
But passing this time will go a little faster,
If we can just accept that life will never be the same.

We are not living in Armageddon,
That is not the direction we are heading,
But we can no longer accept living in ignorance…
It is easy to live in fear of tomorrow,
To worry about hurt, crying tears of sorrow,
People of the world, it won’t be worse, it will just be different.