Plastic Expectations

April 4, 2021

If we are going to make limited edition Barbies,
Can we make ones who only eat at Arby’s,
And have some whose only life’s goals,
Is to gorge themselves on never-ending pasta bowls,
Without a condo or Corvette car keys.

And wouldn’t Ken have all the luck,
If all he would eat was Peiking duck,
After all we are creating unrealistic expectation,
If they can’t have all-you-can-eat on vacation,
Man, oh man, that would really suck.

And don’t get me started on Skipper,
If you don’t remember, it’s the little sister,
We really have to let her say,
It is okay to eat at the buffet,
And not look like a Q-tip with a face sticker.

There is nothing that makes me go more ballistic,
Making my daughters’ expectations so unrealistic,
It really does make me hurl,
The cost of clothes at American Girl,
Perhaps I am just being pessimistic.

And there is this own little hell,
For the creators of those LOL’s,
Even without a pencil body,
They emphasize, clothes as a hobby,
And you don’t even know which one you get in the shell.

We have to think of other metrics,
Instead of clothes or posh aesthetics,
Instead of spandex or fancy rayon,
My girls like to melt their crayons,
And I am grateful when my daughters prefer cybernetics.