August 8, 2020 Written to make sure I pick myself up after writing “Lighting the Darkened Corners.”

A faded memory like a distant sound
Wraps me in laughter, all-around
And perhaps because there is no one near,
I allow myself one lonely tear
Knowing the slope can be slippery

And I can’t seem to make out the words
This moment in time jostled and disturbed
Which engulfs me, yet somehow makes me whole
And without remorse, I let it suffuse my soul
Sliding down the hill of memory

And faster and faster I seem to go
Catching glimpses, following the flow
A hand held here a brush of lips there
The touch of hands and a scent in air
I let these memories deliver me

The rustle of leaves startles me from my think
And to the staring child I give her a wink
I gather myself to go about my day
But confess to myself as things get under way 
That part of my self remains in reverie.