I Hardly Sleep These Days

May 2, 2020

I hardly sleep these days  wondering about the world…
I lie in bed awake at night  worried about my girls…
It feels like we are in a parallel world where we are the twisted and bizzarre
The evil twin in a scifi plot, how did we come this far?
Didn’t the world seemed safer just a few years ago
And when it seems it can get no worse wse’re dealt another blow!

Be grateful, appreciate what we have
Be hopeful, this surely cannot last…
Don’t drown in the what-ifs and the what-can’s
Don’t think about horrors real or imagined

Step by step, inch by inch keep the fears at bay
Step by step, inch by inch and be grateful for today
We take each moment living one at a time
Focus on the moment and cherish the sublime

Step by step, inch by inch I fall to my knees and pray
Step by step, inch by inch and with hope we meet each day

I hardly sleep these days May 2, 2020 Albert