Shooting with friends – pictures

Erin and Albert

We have been asking people to come shoot with us. To date Anne, Julie, Cy, Ono’s family, and the Hoaglands have come shooting. Here are some pictures:

We shot with Cy and Anne first, then with Julie. We don’t have any pictures of Anne shooting unfortunately. And the one we have of Julie is of her bruise.

When I was shooting in 1996, I helped Cy get this bow. He still shoots it. Notice how he shoots three fingers under.
We took Ono’s family shooting. It was the first time we worked with kids. Balloons help tremendously.
We shoot the most with the Hoaglands. Dave was really into archery as a kid. In fact he saved up all summer to get a bow. It is a great story. Candace’s parents went so far as to buy bows and set up a range in their backyard. Quin is a natural shot, and Anna Bella will shoot for doughnuts.
Julie’s bruise. Look below for Erin’s.


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