Waiting for You: Remembering Adolescence

March 25, 2022

We have yet to meet, we have yet to be,
But within my soul, of you, there is a memory,
Of someone who is searching and lonely too.
All it takes was a moment of kindness,
Something important, a key, to remind us,
That there are people out there for you.

Once born, we unknowingly begin the odyssey,
Often failing, expending our hearts as a commodity,
We search for something to fill the hole.
Just the wrong place or just the wrong timing,
Our dreams and the reality never quite aligning,
Looking for someone to make us whole.

Maybe our souls jump from person to person,
Trying on personalities, each a different version,
Sometimes left with what might have been,
And with each relationship that we embrace,
And with each new heartbreak we may face,
I know we are destined to cross paths again.