Teenage Again

February 21, 2021

In this case of my self-doubt
This sad case of emotional drought
I have less and less and less to tout
I no longer know what I’m about
I’ll guess i’ll just have to show my way out
Before I find that I’ve bottomed out

When it feels like I really aught
The more it feels more like I cannot
No matter how much that I have fought
I am at the mercy of my friends’ boycott
Perhaps all of this is all for naught
And I am just a lost afterthought

Then, you know, I have this obsession
Where I think and know and begin to question
How did I sink into this depression?
Wondering when and how the pain will lessen
Rather than fight all the oppression
I wonder if I all I need is attention

The panic and anxiety, another onslaught
Wondering if I have just been left to rot
I know it is not what we have been taught
But I can’t help but try to connect all the dots
Perhaps I am the one who has been caught
In an obscure, and bizzare nefarious plot

I know It is time to look for another route
To examine within and examine without
For I know I can’t afford another bout
It’s time to find another way out.
So when I scream and when I shout
It’s time to put myself on a life timeout