Watching the News

July 26, 2020

Sitting around in my work underpants
I found myself doomscrolling and caught in a trance
I found myself watching the latest press secretary,
I looked for substance but couldn’t find any.

To be fair these days, there’s not a lot to inspire,
When day after day they send vacuous liars,
To deflect and pivot and spin away actions,
With thinly veiled lies to appeal to their factions.

You have to feel sorry for someone in that position,
Who has to make sense with intense precision,
How covering up gaffes and ignorant flubs,
How denying what happened is part of the job.

And somehow were expected to think this is normal,
That covering shit up is somehow honorable.
When damage control becomes your reality,
Sounding like an idiot for someone else is your job security. 

And I listened and watched and had to bear witness,
To this latest mouthpiece of presidential fitness.
It’s what we’ve come to expect, there’s not a lot to see,
We’re stuck looking up someone else’s colonoscopy.